The Titchfield Past Students Sports Association, Inc. was formed by past students of Titchfield High School, some of whom represented the school in sports.  The aim was to provide well needed financial support and or support by the provision of gears and equipment to the institution.  The idea was to exemplify and encourage the culture of giving back to the next generation of students while helping them to further their academic goals and strengthening their character through competitive sports.


To enhance the sporting and academic goals of current and future student athletes of Titchfield High School.

About Our School

Titchfield High School is a secondary high school in Port Antonio, Jamaica,in the northern part of Portland Parish.The school was established in January 1786, and is the fifth-oldest high school in the country.  At that time the school was known as Free School.  Back then, the school taught arithmetic, writing, reading, Greek, and Latin to boys and, at the time, the institution was under the control of the Titchfield Trust.  The site where the school now stands formerly operated as a military barracks, Fort George.   In 1883 the property was leased to the Jamaica School Commission where further construction commenced.

Head masters of this noble institution began with Major William Henry Plant from 1885-1927. Back then, the school consisted of an infant, elementary and secondary department. The infant and elementary departments were later separated from the Titchfield Trust - resulting in the emergence of Titchfield High School.  The school has enjoyed impressive performances in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations, with an average of 85 per cent, and 88 per cent in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations over the last five years. The school has a current student population of approximately 1,599 students.  The current Principal is Richard Thompson.